August 7 - 13 : National Farmers Market Week

reposted 8/4/16 from Farmers Market Coalition -- NFMW is an annual celebration sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture, highlighting the important role farmers markets play in the nation's food system. Now in its 17th season, NFMW takes place the first full week of August, with this year's celebration running Aug. farm at Towanda Farm Mkt

Farmers markets:
•    Preserve America's rural livelihood and farmland
•    Stimulate local economies
•    Increase access to fresh, nutrition food
•    Support healthy communities
•    Promote sustainability

* Farmers Markets Preserve Farmland and Rural Livelihoods

What comes to mind when you think about a farmer? For many Americans, farmers exemplify the fundamental essence of our nation’s core values. Entrepreneurship. Industry. Self-sufficiency. Innovation. It’s difficult to understand how anyone who possesses these qualities could find themselves struggling to sustain their livelihood – especially when that livelihood produces what everyone in this country needs everyday: food.

Yet according to the USDA, between 1992 to 2007, 21% of mid-sized farms in the U.S. have gone out of business. In this challenging economic climate dominated by large corporations, small farmers – most notably young and new farmers – do everything they can to maintain a thriving business and keep their livelihood from failure. A 2012 USDA agriculture census illuminated a sobering statistic about the future of farming: there are almost 4 times as many U.S. farmers are over the age of 65 as there are under the age of 35.

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