Welcoming our Executive Director

10 November 2016, Towanda PA --  After an extensive search, the Council unanimously voted to hire Kimberlie Gridley as EMRC&D Executive Director. Her leadership, vision, and collaborative focus has already brought renewed vigor to our council and partnerships.

Kim is a Tioga County native, who after two decades of professional development in natural resources in the Puget Sound Region of Washington State, has returned home to share a bounty of knowledge, experience, and good humour with her community.

In her work, she seeks to foster a balance between human impacts and environmental resources in order to maintain vibrant communities and resilient ecosystems, mirroring our Council's own vision and mission.

Please join us in welcoming Kim, as she works with community leaders from our member counties to develop programs in our priority areas of watershed protection, agricultural resilience, and energy conservation!

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet her yet, don't delay!  Feel free to contact her at kgridley@endlessmountainsrcd.org and introduce yourself.  As we welcome her, she is also welcoming all of us, to work together to preserve our unique natural landscape and foster economic growth in our local communities.

Welcome home, Kimberlie Gridley; it's great to have you back here in the Endless Mountains!