503 Reasons to use Wood

December 2016 -- Many of us and our neighbors currently use wood for heating our homes. The number one reason is

Welcoming our Executive Director

10 November 2016, Towanda PA -- After an extensive search, the Council unanimously voted to hire Kimberlie Gridley as EMRC&D Executive Director. Her leadership, vision, and collaborative focus has already brought renewed vigor to our council and partnerships.

Site Updates in Progress

Please excuse us - we're working to improve this site...

Aug 7th - 13th is National Farmers Market Week

Now in its 17th season, NFMW takes place the first full week of August, with this year's celebration running Aug. 7-13.

PA DEP provides new GIS application and tutorial for using oil and gas maps

8/3/16 -- The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has released a new and easy to use GIS application allowing users to learn information and download reports

New Management Method for Japanese Knotweed Infested Soils

7/25/2016, Larry Day -- Most of us are familiar with the broad-leaved invasive plant Japanese Knotweed, locally known as “bamboo.”

The Most Important Management Strategy

HMI, July/August - Even if you are not a grazier... Troy is talking about life, not just grazing management

Restaurants Go Zero Food Waste

5/10/16, Rob Guillemin -- The Food Recovery Challenge builds on the familiar concept of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", targeting the single largest waste material going to disposal each year.

Don’t throw old electronics in the trash!

Electronics TakeBack Coalition-- -- Don’t put your old electronic products or batteries in the trash (even if it’s legal in your state). The toxics inside these products don’t belong in the landfill.

New Research Finds Climate Solutions in the Soil

4/19/2016, Daniel Kane--Earlier this month, the journal Nature published alarming new data about the potential for much higher sea level rise this century due to melting in Antarctica than previously predicted, and

Q: What is a Riverkeeper?

1/4/2016, Lewisburg PA -- A: Part of the ‘Keeper family of river-, coast-, channel-, bay-, lake-, harbor-, creek-, sound-, and water-keepers licensed by Waterkeeper Alliance to be the eyes, ears, and voice of a particular waterbody.

RC&D Biomass Program offers cost share

Dec 4, 2015, EMRC&D --Are you thinking about switching your heating system to a local renewable fuel?

Environmental Excellence Award

Dec 2015, PACD - Three PA Conservation Districts (Bradford, Susquehanna and Tioga) are part of a Stream Team Flood Response Training Program recognized as role model.

Agricultural Viability Study & Program Released

November 2015, Wysox PA -- After a series of conferences and committee meetings, the Agricultural Viability Study & Program has been finalized.

Environmental Council Partnership Award

Nov 18, 2015, The Conservationist -- Northeast Pennsylvania Environmental Council honors one of our own.

Wood energy gives back to forests

Nov 4, 2015 -- There is a group of people in Pennsylvania, and similar groups across the country, that believes a good way to prevent forest fires is to burn wood

Improvisational Cooking

October 19, 2015, BFBL Blog -- Sharing thoughts on cooking with local sourced foods, as we approach holiday feasting...

The Value of Bats

Oct 1, 2015 The significant contribution that bats have in successful crop production is revealed in an extensive mid-west study. Diversity, we are reminded, is a great thing.

County Fair highlights clean water initiative

A natural resource concern has been addressed through partnership cooperation and some very hard work by NRCS and Wyoming County District personnel.

‘Wish you were here’

July 21, 2015 - by Marcus Schneck -- Someone I know argues that viewing photos or videos of a place is equivalent to going there and experiencing the place.

New Partnership Creates Solar Bridges

July 7, 2015, Energy.gov -- The National Community Solar Partnership is bridging the gap to expand opportunities for Americans to use solar energy to power their homes.

Targets, Policy for State-Level Thermal Energy Markets

June 2015 - by Adam Sherman, Biomass Magazine - In recent years, many northeastern states have established aggressive targets for renewable energy as a way to expedite the transition away from fossil fuels.

Consumer demand makes ancient wheats hot commodities

Ancient wheats are “trendy” right now thanks to demand by increasing numbers of consumers. Learn more from Steve Zwinger and Elizabeth Dyck in the Organic Broadcaster

Stream Health Management Strategy

Mar 31, 2015 -- The Chesapeake Bay Program has released a number of strategies for addressing natural resource needs.

Study finds diverse benefits using sheep

Mar 31, 2015 -- Preliminary results from a long-term research, education and extension project show environmental and economic benefits from integrated cropping and livestock.

Reduced Tillage in Organic Specialty Crop Systems

Learn about research aimed at methods to improve soil health by minimizing tillage in organic vegetable systems via an April 7th free webinar.

Ten things you should know about soil

February 27, 2015, Sustainable Food Trust -- Along with air to breath and water to drink, soil is one of our most important natural resources. Without it we would starve. However,

How's the Chesapeake Bay doing?

Jan 12, 2015 -- The 2014 State of the Bay report presents a mix of good and bad news. The Bay is improving. Slowly. But it is improving.

Stockpile Grazing - Progress Report 1

11/18/14, Troy Bishopp, OnPasture -- This fall and winter we are custom grazing 53 organic dairy heifers, 4 bulls and 2 cow calf pairs on forage that I stockpiled last August

Grazing Cover Crops Video

10/16/14,by Sandy Langelier, HMI -- Holistic Management practitioner, Gabe Brown is featured in this video posted by SARE outreach.

Plant Acorns to Grow Oak Trees

10/10/14, University Park, PA -- Central Pennsylvania is having a really good acorn crop this year. If you want to grow oak seedlings, now is the time

Woodlot Management

July 1, 2014, NTHA -- The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has nearly 17 million acres of forest land. Two thirds of the forest land in
Pennsylvania is owned by non-industrial private landowners/individuals and families.

Just Plant Wildflowers!

6/16/14, excerpt from 'modern farmer' -- The loss of native flowering plants from development and conventional agriculture – especially the vast stretches of Roundup-resistant GMO crops in which everything but that commercial plant has been blasted away – has eliminated habitat for wild bees.

Living With Pennsylvania Streams - Effecting Cultural Change

May 14, 2014, Wysox -- “Effecting Cultural Change” may sound a bit presumptuous and a bit ambitious, but that is exactly what the Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council is attempting to do

Thirty years later

May 7, 2013 A call to action as a fellow agriculturalist reflects on what has worked and what is needed in our continued work with each other and with our cooperators, farmers, landowners and coworkers.

Soil Erosion Evidences

4/15/14, Sjoerd Duiker, Penn State Extension - “A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”
This spring, the importance of soil erosion control is evident once again.

Chesapeake Bay Watershed Pollution Reduced

4/3/14, Harrisburg PA - The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently announced that efforts to reduce pollution in Pennsylvania’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed continue to yield progress.

Farmers improve nearly forty miles of streams

12/20/13, Harrisburg -- Chesapeake Bay Foundation, partners, and farmers in northeastern Pennsylvania today celebrate a significant clean water achievement

Water value and competition will rise

11/12/13 excerpt from EPA Connect, EPA's leadership blog -- Available data does not reflect water’s true worth in the economy.

A Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater

9/7/13, Penn State Extension -- Produced by The Little Conestoga Partnership, this publication (print and video) provides background knowledge and the steps you need to successfully manage stormwater on your property.

Forest-interior Birds May be Benefiting from Harvested Clearings

9/6/13, Irvine, PA -- Efforts to conserve declining populations of forest-interior birds have largely focused on preserving the mature forests where birds breed

Exisitng Threatened or Endangereed Species at Risk

8/27/13, PA Environment Digest -- Bills now pending in the House and Senate would fundamentally change the way threatened and endangered species are protected in Pennsylvania.

We’re Still in the Bay Watershed?

8/16/13, EPA's Healthy Waters Blog -- "Entering Chesapeake Bay Watershed" . . . Please Treasure the Chesapeake. . .

Invasive Species in Lycoming County

7/11/13, Harrisburg – After confirming the presence of the invasive aquatic algae known as didymo, or “rock snot,” in Pine Creek, Lycoming County, anglers and boaters are reminded that cleaning their gear is the easiest, most effective means of preventing its spread to other waters.

First step for private water well testing OK’ed

7/26/2013, Williamsport Sun-Gazette -- The Lycoming County commissioners unanimously approved a $250,000 grant application that, if approved by the state, will be a locally unprecedented project to support a countywide groundwater quality monitoring project

Nation’s River and Stream Miles in Poor Condition

Mar 26, 2013 -- Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the results of the first comprehensive survey looking at the health of thousands of stream and river miles