Pine Creek Watershed and the Rivers Conservation Plan 

Pine Creek Gorge, fall

"Pine Creek is the crown jewel of the Commonwealth."

Nowhere else is there a stream and associated forests, farms and villages with the size and quality of this watershed.

The three counties of Potter, Tioga and Lycoming with representatives from County Planning, Conservation Districts, Municipal Government and members-at-large have engaged in this project since it’s inception. For 13 years the Pine Creek Watershed Council has been developing and implementing the River Conservation Plan to support and protect the resources of this three county region.  Visit the Pine Creek Watershed Council Website for more information. 

The 2013 Update

The Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan, 2005

Oral History Project – 2009 "Pine Creek Valley – Stories from the Valley"

The second round of oral history interviews was conducted in 2009. Nineteen persons were interviewed to get their perspective on life in the Pine Creek watershed. Those interviewed include:

  • Wil Ahn
  • Cindy Mengel Bower
  • G. Frederick (Rick) Carlson
  • Lowell Coolidge
  • Jean (Newruck) Cummings
  • John Eastlake
  • Tom Finkbeiner
  • Gary Glick
  • Marie Kraybill
  • Henry Lush
  • Walter Lyon
  • Mark Newruck
  • Greg Sassaman
  • Charlie Schwarz
  • Maxine Shearer
  • Thomas Taber
  • Bob Webber
  • Wayne Welshans
  • Hugh Welfling

For Pine Creek is a river: the River of Pines. Tiadaghton.

In 2007, the Endless Mountains RC&D and its partners completed the Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan, funded by Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnership Program.

The Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan (RCP) offers a plan for protecting the very things we find attractive, absorbing, and compelling about this area. The plan presents a non-regulatory, non-prescriptive framework for addressing issues the watershed faces. The RCP offers a wealth of good ideas for community groups to pursue and carry out. Pine Creek River PennsylvaniaThe plan presents recommendations for helping a timeless resource withstand the pressures of time – and change.

Creating the Rivers Conservation Plan over seven years allowed for significant public input. The steering committee members, now continuing as the Pine Creek Watershed Council, heard many viewpoints and had exhaustive discussions about key issues facing the watershed’s people and municipalities. Please visit the Pine Creek Watershed Council’s website for more information on the plan.

The Pine Creek Watershed Rivers Conservation Plan calls for cultural conservation in the form of Oral Histories – collecting the memories, experiences, and insights of persons long resident in or acquainted with the Pine Creek watershed.

The Pine Creek Watershed Council interviewed local landowners, area business people and enthusiasts about the past in the Pine Creek Valley. These oral historians speak about encounters with bear and rattlesnake, cutting ice, one room schools, the CCC, the importance or railroads in the area, and farms and fishing.