Woodland Resource Adventure Camp

The Endless Mountains Resource Conservation and Development Council and its partners sponsored the Woodland Resource Adventure Camp for twenty-three years. In 2010, the program was held at the campus of The Haft, near Dushore, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, and ran from a Woodland Resource Adventure Camp spondored by EMRCE, Dushore PA Sunday through Thursday in the later part of July. WRA was an overnight camp open for students ages 12-16.  The 2010 theme was “Aquatics”, and included one full day kayaking on the Susquehanna River. Participants learned about emerging contaminates, acid mine drainage, pond and lake ecology, wetlands, macroinvertebrates, stream dynamics and hydrology, fish management, boating safety, and much more.

Due to federal funding cuts, the program was cancelled in 2011; however, because of its far reaching value, it remains on the Council's long range plan, to be resumed when funding, staffing, and volunteer resources allow.

The student's cost share previously had been $175. The remaining $100 was provided in the form of a sponsorship. Students were encouraged to make every effort, on their own, to obtain local sponsorship from an organization or business. The Woodland Resource Adventure Camp committee had  limited number of sponsorships available. The total fee covered the cost of meals, lodging, insurance, tour transportation, and program materials.

WRA Camp is recommended for young people who want to learn about the outdoors and the environment through an excellent hands-on experience. The Camp provides an opportunity to prepare for the Envirothon competitions, 4H Events and can be used as credit toward Scout Merit Badges.

If you are interested in ensuring this program is resumed, please let us know!  We'll keep you in the loop as future plans are made.  What role will you play - interested participant on a waiting list?  Volunteer on a committee to make it happen?  Let us know!  Send an email to info@endlessmountainsrcd.org